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About us

Why Wurmi screw pegs?

Wurmi has screw pegs for everything that needs to be fixed to the ground.

Universally applicable for any soil, the Wurmi Standard with 18cm length and 13mm flank dimension is a product that has been refined for years. Both length and thickness are ideal dimensions: if the Standard Wurmi were longer and thicker, it would not be so versatile.In very hard soil, we recommend pre-drilling with an 8mm masonry drill bit, this makes it easier to screw in and prevents excessive wear of the Wurmi.Screwing in the Wurmi with the cordless screwdriver is a highlight: everyone is thrilled at how easy it is! To avoid overtightening the screw pegs or twisting them off, a low torque should be set depending on the strength of the cordless screwdriver.

A newly developed hook clip is now an additional relief, because you can automatically hook loops, lugs and tensioning lines in one operation when screwing in. If the Wurmi cannot be screwed in completely because stones prevent this, use the height adjustment of the hook clip by letting the Wurmi snap into place at the desired height. This way, the Wurmi will always hold without coming loose, even with constant use. Even removing it is much easier than with conventional tent pegs: You simply work again with the cordless screwdriver.

For awnings with aprons we have the Trekkingwurmi, because the eyelet holes are on average only 8mm in diameter, if the ground is very hard, the Trekking is also used to secure the tent. For fastening trekking tents, it is ideally suited for appropriate soil conditions and the recommendation of Wurmi.

From now on it is even easier to screw Wurmi Standard and Trekkingwurmi into the ground. The Wurmis are simply clicked onto the pre-mounted click nut and hold without falling out until they are screwed in.

Unscrewing is also much easier now. You only need to click on the screw adapter and go up with the unscrewing speed until it is unscrewed. If you need to pre-drill in very hard or frozen soil, you only need to click on the click drill and you can pre-drill. You no longer have to change the screw adapter and drill bit. A complete extension completes it all, so you don't have to bend down anymore.

Especially for sandy soils: the earth sandworm with 32cm length and a large screw-in head with 24mm diameter and 7 thread flanks. The Earth Sandworm is also made of impact-resistant, glass-fiber reinforced plastic. It can be screwed in with a screwdriver, with a ring wrench or with a cordless screwdriver. The new hook pin plate makes it a universal fastener, even if it can't be screwed in all the way, the thread geometry still keeps the hook pin plate pressed to the ground.

The aluminum super worm is made of a special cast aluminum suitable for special stresses. With its length of 30cm, 8 thread flanks and 24mm large screw head with integrated washer, it is the strongest of its kind. The sophisticated flank geometry is best suited for hard, stony soils, but at the same time also holds in soft soil. To avoid tearing in very dry and extremely hard soil, you can also pre-drill here with a 10mm masonry drill bit. The Superworm can be screwed in with a screwdriver (blade thickness 8mm), with a ring, cable or nut wrench (wrench size 24mm) or with a cordless screwdriver. When screwing in with the cordless screwdriver, you should use the torque setting.

The Profiworm is the largest and strongest made of aluminum which is manufactured by sand casting and then hardened in a special process.

The Profiworm can fasten many other things to the ground besides tents. 15 years of experience have shown that the shape and size is the ideal ground fixing. To get even more hold on tension in all directions, we have improved the thread geometry so that it compacts the soil even better when screwed in. The thread flanks have been extended over the entire length. Due to the 24mm wrench width and the 8mm through hole in the screw head, you have many screw-in options and can also sink the professional worm with a lot of force in hard soil. A large shackle now allows all Womo awning poles to be placed on the side or as before on the screw head and screwed tight. Round tubes up to 28mm, pavilions, sports and play equipment and much more can be fastened with it. At its own discretion, the professional worm also does not need to be screwed in the total length if the ground is hard. In many applications, the storm bracing can also be attached to the shackle.

With a 25mm wide stainless steel shackle that fits over - and under - wormis with a 24mm screw head, you have many more attachment options.

When buying, make sure that you get Wurmi the original - Made in Germany - because from imitations you may be disappointed.